Signaliser Strategy Series: Eris SOFR Futures Minimize Reset Risk
Mechanical differences of SOFR vs LIBOR reduce the need for customized hedges, improves efficiency
Pricing Eris Contracts, SOFR, CME
Signaliser Strategy Series: SOFR Advantages vs LIBOR
Evaluation of SOFR vs LIBOR, background on Eris SOFR Futures to facilitate transition from LIBOR
Pricing Eris Contracts, Eris Market Data, CME, SOFR
Eris Video Tutorial Series
Modular video demonstrations walking through the basics of Eris pre & post trade
Pricing Eris Contracts, SOFR, Eris Market Data, Tax Treatment, Hedge Accounting
Main Street Lending Programs - Hedging With Eris
Eris provides an ideal hedge to lock in fixed rate financing under the Fed's new lending programs
Locking Rates on Floating Funding
Bank Asset/Liability Management: Eris Swap Futures vs Cleared OTC Swaps
Discusses Eris benefits vs cleared swaps, GAAP accounting treatment for reporting entities
Cash Flow Equivalence, Hedge Accounting, Pricing Eris Contracts
Signaliser Strategy Series: The Equivalence of Eris Futures and IRS
Detailed mechanics of Eris Futures, demonstrating how the cash flows mirror equivalent OTC swap
Cash Flow Equivalence, Pricing Eris Contracts, Eurodollar Packs and Bundles
Signaliser Strategy Series: Adding Alpha with Eris Swap Futures
Overview of Eris futures put into context vs Eurodollar futures and OTC swaps as a trading tool
CME, Convexity
FTP Site Guide
List of available files on Eris ftp site, what data is included, and where to locate
Eris Market Data
Cash Flow Equivalence (Credit)
Comparison of Eris vs CDS cash flows
ICE, Cash Flow Equivalence
Cash Flow Equivalence (Rates)
Comparison of Eris vs OTC swap cash flows
Cash Flow Equivalence, CME