Eris SOFR Block Market Maker Directory


The following market-making firms provide liquidity for Eris SOFR Swap Futures. These firms have agreed to accept customers’ calls for block trades as permissible according to exchange rules.


 Firm Name  Phone   Email  Bloomberg  Notes
 Arb Trading Group  Carl Schmidt  +1-240-800-6877  Carl Schmidt  
 Budo Trading  Chad Bohling
 Sebastiao Lagardo

 Clear Capital  Tom Kalaway  +1-847-927-0482  Thomas Kalaway  
 DRW  Joe Meissner  +1-312-542-1090  Joseph Meissner  
 DV Trading  Ricky Stern  +1-612-991-9824  Ricky Stern  
 DV Trading  Xavier Laurens 
 Dan DeRose 
 Phil Lavoie
 Xavier Laurens  
 Morgan Stanley  Qing Chen  +1-212-761-0681  Qing Chen  Brokers reach out directly;
 clients please work through
 Morgan Stanley sales coverage
 Societe Generale  Nate Dial  +1-212-278-7622  Nate Dial  
 Transmarket Group  Phillip Liou  +1-312-284-5744  Michael Machones  
 WH Trading  Patrick Lahey  +1-312-462-7437  Patrick Lahey